The National ANZAC Centre

The National Anzac Centre was opened by the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand and the Premier of Western Australia on 1 November 2014 – the centenary of the first Australian and New Zealand Convoy’s departure for war from Albany’s King George Sound.

M&A Steel Fabrication is proud to have been closely involved in the construction of this prestigious development, fabricating and installing the structural steel that forms the core of this iconic building. The company also fabricated and installed the structural steel cored into the existing granite boulders for the Convoy Lookout at the summit of Mt Adelaide.

To meet the high profile opening on 1 November 2014, the construction had to be delivered within a highly accelerated time frame. Whilst a project of this scope would normally be expected to take around three years to complete, the builder and team of subcontractors were faced with the task of completing the project in just 10 months. M&A Steel Fabrication’s streamlined and efficient internal processes ensured that the demanding timeframe imposed on the project were met comfortably.